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Defining opportunities for technology in the clinical trial landscape

Client: Global biopharmaceutical company | Role: Strategy | Year: 2018

Project Abstract

The challenge: The current clinical trial system is not working for patients, sites, or sponsors. Patients who might benefit from clinical trials often are never offered them as an option, and trial participation imposes a significant time and travel burden on those who do participate. As the drugs being developed become more personalized, it is increasingly difficult for sites to find and enroll patients who meet trial eligibility criteria. Clinical trials must become less burdensome for patients and sites in order to broaden access and participation.

Solution: We worked with the innovation team within a global pharmaceutical company to identify opportunities to incorporate technologies that could lower patient and site burden to participation in clinical trials. Ultimately, our recommendations focused not on how technology could replace in-person visits, but rather how it could support vital in-person provider-patient interactions and reduce burden between trial visits.

Our client is using this research to inform internal process changes, initiatives, and partnerships to make their trials more patient-centric.