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Climate Design Guide

Client: Personal project | Role: Workshops & teaching | Year: 2020

What’s the climate design guide?

The climate design guide is a three-part resource to help design professionals turn their climate anxiety into climate action. It’s currently hosted on as a resource for all new members of the climate design community, and also lives on the internet as a google doc.

Why I wrote it.

Put simply, I want more designers to dedicate their careers to climate and sustainability, and I want that process to be as efficient as possible for anyone who pursues it.

A growing number of designers want to use their professional skills to address the climate crisis, but don’t know where to start. When I began searching for professional opportunities as a designer in climate, it quickly became clear to me that there are few resources to help guide designers who want to work on climate action in a professional capacity. I wrote this guide to fill that gap and help designers focus their efforts on evidence-based, high impact climate solutions.

What’s in it?

Part 1: What is climate design?

  • Defining climate design and sustainability
  • How to solve climate change
  • Why the world needs climate designers

Part 2: What can you do as a designer?

  • Find your place in climate and sustainability
  • Identify your path to get there: career, time, voice

Part 3: How do you start?

  • Building your career in climate design
  • Using your time for climate design
  • Using your voice for climate design
  • Building your climate design network