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Let’s Review: An introduction to incorporating scientific evidence into the design process

Client: Action Design Boston | Role: Teaching, Presentation design | Year: 2018

Lecture for Action Design Boston.

My goal was to communicate the importance of seeking empirical evidence when designing for social impact, rather than relying on intuition alone. This lecture argues for the value of including literature reviews in the design process and provides guidance on how to get started.

Abstract: Ethnographic research. Usability studies. Competitive analysis. User interviews. Participatory workshops. Designers use many tools to understand users, stakeholders, and the competitive landscape. Unfortunately, published scientific research often gets left out of the design process. As designers, we have the power to help bridge the gap between theory and implementation by folding in the latest evidence about what works in health, education, finance, and other social impact projects into our work.

In this session, you’ll learn the when, why, and how of a scientific literature review, as well as how to synthesize findings and integrate them with traditional design research methods to inform concept development.

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