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Experiments in graphic design and form.

Simply Tea

High-end tea often emphasizes the eco-conscious aspects of the packaging and product, even going so far as to suggest that buyers use the used tea leaves as fertilizer. I decided to make luxury packaging that allowed the customer to have a satisfying experience even after finishing the tea itself.
The box is made entirely from paper products, which are either recyclable or compostable. The tea is in a wax paper bag, a material that is airtight enough to keep the tea fresh while being more environmentally friendly than plastic. The top and bottom are held on by the snug fit with the sides, supplemented by stickers on the top and bottom. The paper used in the stickers is seed paper, meaning that after use, the user can plant them to grow wildflowers.


This is a theoretical look at what ibuprofen might look like if the generic were marketed as heavily as the name brands. I wanted to explore how one could brand a generic drug in order to make it more appealing to consumers. The design is based off the ibuprofen molecule, incorporating its hexagonal structure into the shape of the carton and the pattern used on the base and pull tab.