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Surface Design

Patterns, colors, and motifs, oh my!

Little Red Series

These three patterns tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood. I’ve always imagined the woods in the story to be a dark and foreboding place, and wanted to emphasize how out of place Little Red is there, as well as the danger she is in. I imagine these patterns applied to bedding or pillows, since Grimm’s fairy tales were a bedtime ritual when I was a child.

Into the woods

Main pattern: Red Riding Hood looks into the forest as the wolf runs between the trees.

CoordinateThe wolf running in repeat.

Red misled

Main pattern: Red Riding Hood strays from the path to pick flowers.

Coordinate: Red Riding Hood and her flower blossoms.

To grandmother’s house

Main pattern: The wolf reaches grandmother’s house before Red Riding Hood does.

Coordinate: Forest briars.

Unnatural Botanical

I enjoyed playing with color to freshen up an Art Nouveau inspired pattern.

Sandia Stripes

Stripe pattern abstracted from a picture of the Sandia mountains at sunset.

The Sandia mountains are named after the brilliant pink color they turn when the sun sets. In Spanish, “sandia” means “watermelon”. My childhood home in New Mexico rests in the foothills of the Sandias, and I wanted to immortalize the many beautiful sunsets I saw while growing up.