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I’m an evidence-based designer working towards a more just and sustainable world.

I’m currently a Service and Intervention Designer at The Policy Lab at Brown University and an Academic Affiliate with the Office of Evaluation Sciences in the General Services Administration.

Previously, I served as a Design Strategist at See Change Institute and crafted digital behavior change interventions as a Behavior Change Designer at Mad*Pow.

I’m always down to compare notes on climate action, design ethics, and methods nuances, so feel free to get in touch!

My guiding principles

1. Prioritize projects that advance social and environmental sustainability.

2. Apply empirical evidence while centering local knowledge and context.

3. Collaborate with interdisciplinary teams to ask better questions.

My most-used theoretical frameworks

Behavior change: The Intervention Wheel (Michie et al., 2011) COM-B Model of Behavior Change (Michie & West, 2020), and Behavior Change Technique Taxonomy (Michie et al., 2013), Self-Determination Theory (Deci & Ryan, 2000)

Climate and sustainability: The Planetary Boundaries Framework, the Drawdown Framework and related solutions, UN Sustainable Development Goals

My design skillset

Behavior change design: Literature review & behavior change analysis to identify barriers, facilitators, theories of change, and evidence on existing interventions 

Service design: Observation, co-design workshops, interviews, process mapping, workshop design and facilitation, physical prototyping and user testing

User Experience (UX) design: Digital prototyping, including wireframes and clickable prototypes, usability testing

I’m always down to chat about climate action, design ethics, behavioral science, and methods nuances. Whether you’re interested in conversation or collaboration, you can reach me here:

Email | LinkedIn