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I am interested in people, brains, and open questions.

I am a designer and graduate of the Brown|RISD Dual-Degree program, where I studied industrial design and cognitive science. My focus is on how design can best support decisions and shape behavior, especially in ambiguous or complex situations. My practice is based on rigorous research and collaboration with the people I am designing for. And because not all needs are easily articulated, I use current behavioral science research to identify potential pain points and inform design solutions.

I have designed patient education materials, created systems to facilitate communication between faculty, students, and administrators, and even taught people about sex ed and dinosaurs.  You can view my full resume here.

Drop me a line, won’t you?


2017 – Mad*Pow

2016 – Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation

2016 – RISD Resident Advisor

2015 – Port Discovery Children’s Museum

2014 – RISD Teaching Assistant


If you are still curious about why I do what I do, check out my capstone presentation.